Dean's Message

The need for quality education is increasing with each passing day. In the past, while obtaining a diploma was considered to be adequate to overcome certain barriers, now along with this, the quality of the education one possesses is also questioned. To solve present day problems, individuals who have received a higher quality of education, who can think in a flexible way, who can adapt themselves to new situations and who can work in a team are sought after. 

As TEDU Faculty of Education, acknowledging that teaching requires both theoretical and practical knowledge, along with up-to-date theoretical courses, we include a considerable amount of practice in our program. By practicing their profession at very successful schools with the mentoring of qualified teachers, TED University students learn about their profession by practicing and experiencing it and therefore become better prepared for their profession upon graduation. 

TED University Faculty of Education also provides additional educational opportunities directed towards individuals’ own potential, interests and needs. For example, to become better educators, it is possible for students in our faculty to take courses in areas such as business or economy and even do a minor in such areas to increase their entrepreneurial potential, while taking theoretical and practical courses related to education. A TEDU student can on the one hand continue his or her education at the department of Early Childhood Education or Primary Education and on the other hand take courses from the departments of Business Administration and Economics to better his or her entrepreneurial skills and thus graduate equipped with the necessary skills to establish an independent business. 

Upon graduation, if our undergraduate students wish to develop their managerial skills, in addition to their educational and entrepreneurial skills, they can do so through the graduate degrees we offer. Our Management in Educational Institutions Master of Arts Program is a program aimed at improving the entrepreneurial, managerial, and administrative skills of educators at any level. 

TEDU Faculty of Education is the first faculty in Turkey to accept students into “Teaching Programs”. For our students to encounter concepts and approaches from basic sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and fine arts, common core courses are offered in these areas in all teaching programs. At the end of the second term, by choosing either “Early Childhood Education”, “Primary Education”, or “Psychological Counseling and Guidance”, our students are able to decide on their own teaching area. 

For our students to become Global citizens equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills, we first of all aim for them to graduate with a high level of English proficiency. In line with this, we encourage their overseas experiences through our ERASMUS agreements. 

As TEDU Faculty of Education, I call on you to work together with our students and faculty members in team spirit.


Prof. Dr. Sinan Olkun
TED University
Dean, Faculty of Education