Sunu: Dr. Jeremy Slagoski

TED University

 Faculty of Education

 "Professional Learning Networks as Communities of Practice for English Language Teachers


 Dr. Jeremy Slagoski

 Date: June 12 2017, Monday

Time: 16:00-16:30

Place: D126

(Video Conference Research Talk)

Abstract: This study investigates the extent to which social media contributes to the professional learning English language teachers (ELTs). Using the framework of communities of practice (CoP), the study explores an informal network of ELTs who primarily use Twitter as a means to participate in and reify continuous professional development. With a qualitative approach, data sources include interviews of twenty participants as well as online data from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and blogs. As analysis is not yet complete, the findings so far have found the majority of participants follow each other and other notable ELTs, therefore qualifying as at least one CoP. Additionally, the CoP framework works well to show how participants value professional learning on social media as a supplement to, addition to, or replacement of face-to-face or traditional media sources of professional learning. More analysis is needed to identify what English language teaching practices and theories the community values as a professional learning network.